15 decomposed bodies recovered from Khuzdar

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QUETTA: At least 15 decomposed bodies were recovered by Balochistan Levies in joint grave in Tutak area of Khauzdar District on Saturday. The bodies are too decomposed to be recognized.

According to Assistant Commissioner Afzal Sarpara, Balochistan Levies received information about the presence of human remains in Tutak area in Khuzdar District. The Balochistan levies personnel and Assistant Commissioner Afzal Sarpara rushed to the spot and discovered human remains.

“It can be more than 15 dead bodies which were buried. The remains were visible when Leviesp personnel got closer,” said Waheed Shah, Deputy Commissioner Khuzdar, adding that Levies personnel have sealed the area and searching for more bodies.

Balochistan Levies Official Gulam Nabi said two bodies were shifted to District Headquarters hospital. “Bodies are decomposed. May DNA test can help to identity the bodies,” he said.

Doctors said that bodies are a month older and parts of it were eaten by wild animals.

According to Deputy Commissioner, they will dig the area on Sundaymaybe they will recover more bodies from these unnamed graves. “We do not know who are they and who had killed them. But it is completely inhuman and investigations are underway,” Waheed Shah added.

Baloch nationalist parties and relatives of missing persons claimed that they might be missing persons who were abducted and killed in official custody. “We fear that these bodies belonged to missing persons. Judiciary and Human Rights Watch should press the government to carry out a transparent investigation into this humanitarian issue,” said Nasurllah Baloch, Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

Khuzdar district is one of the worst militancy hit areas in Balochistan where deteriorating law and order situation forced many families to migrate to other areas.

  • Baha

    Investigation is a joke on Missing Baluch bodies. As Mama started long march, the missing persons are received as dead bodies so in last Government will claim that there is no any person from Baluchistan because we appeared them all before their families in form of dead bodies